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Do you regularly feel uninspired, bored or exhausted from the rigmarole of life? Do you wish you could attend an inspiring retreat but cannot leave responsibilities or afford something like this? 

Are you dying for daily delicious experiences in your life? One that inspire you and help you touch play and joy on a regular basis? Come join me as we dive into giving our bodies permission to experience more depth and reminders that wonderful can be an emotion we feel daily. 

A digital space for inspiration and connection

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Let’s Go Bravely, hand in hand

This month I’m beginning to write my book on becoming this woman I’ve always wanted to be but never quite had the permission for myself. Each month I’m going to pick a challenge for myself that stretches me, that draws me into the nectar of my blooming and I’m inviting you on the journey. Knowing that when we stretch and contract, when we exhale and inhale we give a little bit more space to each other to spark and ignite all of our growth. 

April is the month of self love as it’s my birth month, it’s the beginning of the astrological new year. This season is really about stating what you really want and going after it fiercely. 

I really believe we’re all dying for community, to be seen, to be known, to feel like we’re not alone. So I want to hold a space for you, for myself where we get to do this together. I have a deep vision for us all to inspire each other, to grow together, to heal together and create the most beautiful fireworks. 

I’m opening this up for you to join me. Maybe just this month, maybe the whole twelve months as I write this book as I bloom into myself, and I hope you find yourself blooming bigger than you thought possible because two can always find infinity. 

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Let’s Rewrite Reality

Here’s What To Expect

  • Experience suggestions to help open up your consciousness based on ideas I have for myself. (It’s the reason retreats and travel changes us so much, they are new experiences you can have but this can be done in more micro-dosed ways by doing things you wouldn’t normally do.): An example is writing yourself a love letter, going to an outdoor place and pretending you’re already on stage, going puddle jumping, having a romantic picnic by yourself, etc.
  • Access to download screen savors (see a sample here) I make from my own exploring and affirmation findings and or print these artworks for your home
  • Weekly live and recorded yoga classes (try a free yoga class here) to step into the wisdom of our bodies.
  • Weekly live and recorded gentle movement-based meditation, Kindred (I’m a certified Kindred Facitiatlor) that helps us create a circuit together as a community to grow while also rewriting neuropathways to create the reality we desire.
  • Monthly community online meet-up on Zoom, sharing of our personal stories, findings, expressions, and lessons.
  • Plus other random bonus pops that come to me!


Ready to join? This offering is $33/mo – Doors are currently closed but you can join the waitlist here!

(You’ll be taking to Celebrateagainyoga.org to pay)

Stay as long as you want, leave when you want.

Community begins April 8.

Doors close April 7 pm at 12pm PDT.

Need extra support, email me to learn about the two scholarship spots I have open.



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