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 I’m Lumalia Armstrong, once upon a time known as Sparkle. I’ve always been fascinated by human connection and our innate ability to help each other shift: to light each other up and to find the good in each of us. 

 My personal life story has been a wild ride, and one I wouldn’t trade for a moment. While it wasn’t filled with wild travels across the globe like I’d hope it would have been. It has been filled with amazing explorations. 

 Back in 2016 I got really sick with multiple chronic illnesses and life alternating symptoms that left me disabled and unsure how I was going to exist in this world. 

While most people in their twenties  are figuring out who they are I had to figure out how to be. I had to leave my successful mountain wedding photography business and give up so many of the things I loved.




Unable to do the things I once loved I dove into yoga teacher training, became a RYT with certifications in Yoga Nidra and later Kindred mediation training.

Through my life experiences diving deeply and learning to really listen I’ve found at the end we all just are craving more play, more wonder, and more joy.

Today I’m here striving for the same, every single day, to show up fully for a life fully alive.

Are you ready to join me?


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Sparks I’m Brewin’

I’m always dreaming about new experiences to take you with me on.

 Currently you can join me in:

  • Celebrate Again Yoga Membership: a full experience of beautiful growth supported with a self care guide, and custom road maps from my self awreness quiz that include creatieve experiences to give yourself, yoga and meditation classes, and inspirational talks. (You can try some free classes on my Portland Yoga Teacher website or see where I’m hosting in person classes.)
  • Luminosity: my one on one experiences where we dive in deep together to whatever areas of life you want to explore. It could be dealing with chronic illnesses, relationships, business or exsistenal questions like how to shift into the depths of your creative genius.
  • Couples Connection: a couples connection architecture experience were we build better homes for beauty to exist within our relationships. 
  • Book: A memoir on healing from the incurable Blooming Upside Down
  • Photography: behind the scenes and on the rare occasion I’m still running my photography buisness Celebrate Again. I also have fine art prints for sale here from my explorations around the United States and where I currently live in Oregon.

Here’s also a video about what I’m doing!



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