Lumalia standing near a waterfall with the text over that says "watch me be full"

I wake up feeling good 

to my flat empty stomach

As if being empty is the perfect 

sanctuary for my sacred dwelling

What if it was nourished 

and completely fully instead?

What if I told you 

that you need to listen better?

Not to all the voices around you 

but to this deep wisdom of your body. 

In this age of transition, 

it isn’t a time to go 

and become something more

It’s time we stop giving away all that is ours 

to feel more of their prescribed empty

It’s time we fill up every ounce of our bodies

with our listening truths.

It’s time we remember how to experience goosebumps on purpose

How to know what is true not by the discernment we’ve been scripted

but by the anchoring in these cells 

that are more connected 

to the infinite wisdom of every ounce of creation will ever know.

Quit seeking the answers for the fullness you desire in everything outside yourself.

It’s time to step 

into the wells of your own body.

It is not the ache in you 

that needs someone else to cure.

These cramps in my womb aren’t 

just from viruses plaquing

sacks full of zombie cells screaming in inflammation each month

when they are squeezed tight, 

reminded they don’t belong.

They are metaphors for me 

to remember I have purging,

I have declaring still to do 

that with every single ache 

is a reminder

too much of the abusers 

are still inside this vortex

and it’s time today, 

this season

they end their reign 

of calling me the most beautiful

when I am empty 

from all the taking they have done